Where to buy a mattress online

Online shopping has now become a common thing to many with very many online stores selling different products either as third parties or directly as manufacturers. Buying online has gained the popularity because it is not only convenient it also helps to save money and time. When looking for a mattress online you may be lost in all the available stores to choose from. Getting a reliable partner to purchase from online is vital to avoid losing money in the process or getting substandard products. One of the most reliable stores to buy from is mattress and more. Here are some reasons why you should shop and mattress and more.

What if all or many of the businesses in the world today put a fraction of their profits in charity? The world would be a much better place. Mattress and more are involved in charity with many organizations and foundations. Some of the foundations they are involved in are; The American Red Cross society, Komen for the Cure, Kentucky Derby Festival, USA cares, Safe Place and Louisville Bats. All these foundations are involved in activities that are benefit and give back to the people for instance taking care of cancer patients, advising the youth and many others.

Mattress and more stores stock more than just mattresses. The stores stock mattresses, adjustable beds, bedroom furniture and accessories. This makes them a one stop shop for bedroom items. Bedroom furniture stocked at mattress and more include bedside lamps and tables, dressing mirrors and beds among others. They also offer adjustable beds in different sizes and designs. Their accessories include; pillows, mattress covers and sheets. Having all these things in one place will save time and money for the shopper and also make delivery easy since they can have all the things they need delivered at once.

Mattress and more stores also stock different brands from different companies. Their mattress ratings collection is from over ten different companies including: Sealy, Restonic, Sterns & Foster, Wayne & Sons among other top brands in the US. This will ensure that you get variety to choose from. The store has many different physical stores where customers can visit for their shopping experience if they don’t want to do virtual shopping.  They have 17 different physical stores in different states.

Mattress for less and more offer financing options. The financing options available are from Wells Fargo and Progressive Leasing. This allows the customers to acquire the most required bedroom items and pay later. The customers are able to get up to 12 months credit facilities depending on the amount and also on whether credit has been approved. These reasons make the mattress and more brand a good one for online shopping whenever you are in need of any bedroom products. The store also extends warranty on the products offered