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Crater Lake National Park – Experiencing Nearly-Supernatural Beauty

Among all of the lakes in the Americas, few are as magnificent as Crater Lake. The creation of Crater Lake was observed by Native American’s over 7,000 years ago, when a massive volcano eruption caused Mount Mazama to collapse in on itself in the culmination of the eruption. The final result is a 2,000 foot deep caldera lake with a jaw dropping beauty. Among the various means of measuring the deepest lakes in the world, Crater Lake always scores in the top ten.

Crater Lake is the 3rd deepest on average depth of the lake, and the deepest lake when you account only for lakes that are entirely above sea level. The first non-native explorer to discover the lake was John Wesley Hillman who originally named the lake Deep Blue Lake. Since then, the name has been revised several times from Blue Lake, to Lake Majesty, and then finally the less pretentious Crater Lake.

Due to the nature of Crater Lake, it has no tributaries. The lack of river water flowing into the lake gives it a pure crystal blue color that is unbeatable and the star of many lake photographs. Each drop of water in Crater Lake comes from either rainfall or snowfall, and the rate of rainfall in the area roughly replaces the entire contents of the lake every 250 years.

The major limitation to Crater Lake visits is weather, as much of the sights can be obscured by cloud cover, but by checking the Crater Lake national park website you can ensure that weather conditions are optional before you make the trip.

A popular sight to see within the lake is the 120+ year old tree that floats in the waters. The relatively cool temperature of the lake slows the process of decomposition leaving this tree in relatively good shape. The tree is known as The Old Man of the Lake and has been on the move constantly, and has been documented as having drifted at least 62 miles in a three month period. This used to be a hazard for boaters navigating the lake, but in the 1980s researches anchored the tree near Wizard Island. Due to the lakes crystal clear water, it is possible to see the entire submerged mass of the tree on any given day.

Crater Lake also features hiking and biking trails around the rim of the lake which are completely vehicle free, providing a safe leisurely bike around the lake, or the potential for a biking race if competiveness is what you fancy. Crater Lake also provides regularly scheduled tours by various means to the public. These include boating tours around the lake, a trolley tour along the rim of the Crater Lake Caldera and a tour around Wizard Island, the lake the resides within the volcanic lake.

For the Fishing inclined, the lake has been stocked with several species of fish as it had no indigenous species, and these fish populations have reached sustainable populations that have survived since stocking ended in 1944. For amazing Wood Charts of Crater Lake as well as other lakes and oceans check out to get the best deals on laser cut 3D nautical Charts.