How I Organized My High Tech Life By Going Low Tech With A Day Planner

I live in the digital world. I have a fondness for gadgets and rely mostly on some mobile applications for my work to become easier and more efficient. Also, I am updated with the latest gadgets in the market and really spent my cash on those new tech products. If one will look into my interests, one can immediately say that it is high technology and gadgetry.


There is one amusing aspect, though, about me that most people do not expect that I will choose to possess. It is a simple- I use an old-school planner and organizer over a gadget with digital camera. Very old fashion, isn’t it? Yes, I organized my high-tech life by going low-tech with a day planner.


My Choice of a Planner


I admit that I am little bit of obsessive compulsive (OC) person when it comes to planning and jotting down my schedule. I am fond of writing down my “things-to-do” in a daily basis. In this way, I can keep track with my daily activities. Most of the time, I am pre-occupied with mt work – that is why I jot down all the things that need to be done during the day so that I will not miss any activity that needs my attention.


With my hand-written day planner, I can accomplish a lot of things every day. Here are some of the reasons why I choose to use my low-tech day planner over other digital organizers:


  • It is easier for me to refer to my planner than browse through my mobile phone for my daily activities. In a notebook planner, I can put remarks and review my handwritten notes comfortably and quickly. I can draw arrows and legends as well as put some highlighters to emphasize something in the planner.
  • Aside from jotting down my monthly plans, I can also simply write my daily things-to-do and clip it on the front cover of my notebook so that I can have guide on my daily activities.
  • My low-tech planner is not just a mere notebook of activities but it also serve as my keeper of some important information. It is easier to browse through the pages of the planner than to keep on opening my phone and check my daily tasks.
  • I am assured that my low-tech planner is more reliable than other digital planners. My notebook will never run out of battery life, but gadgets do.

My Tips to Those Who Are Planning to Have Low-Tech Day Planner


My notebook planner also serves as my therapy because I can just simply write stuffs into its pages anytime of the day. The arrangement of dates and scribbles on my low-tech planner has a positive psychological effect in me because I got to effectively track my daily/monthly/annual plans by simply opening the pages of my day planner. For those who are planning to possess low-tech day planners, my advice is just to make the planner simple and easy to comprehend and read. Also, choose a planner that is sturdy – the one that does not easily get torn and tattered after continuous use.