Reasons why O2 has the best Customer Service in the UK

The O2 company is also referred to as the Telefonica UK limited and is owned by a multinational company called Telefonica. O2 is one of the largest telecommunication companies operating in the UK today. The company has been rated number one in customer service satisfaction, for seven times. The other companies which O2 was rated against include Vodafone, EE, Three, Tesco Mobile and Virgin Media. The ratings were done by Ofcom. Here are some reasons why they are the best in customer service and why you should consider using their network services.

Rewards – O2 has the best rewards for its customers. Rewards are a good way for giving back to the customer who is the back bone of the company. O2 knows this and they take it well into advisement. For example they have the O2 Priority which is an online loyalty scheme for O2 customers which allows them to buy tickets for events before they are on sale. It also allows the customer to get discounts in high street shops and online for brands which launch their products online. This is a good scheme to help customers upgrade their handsets and enjoy discounts. To get more details on the rewards available you can call the O2 contact number.

Public Wi-Fi Hot spots – this is the other way in which O2 takes care of its customers. At the hot spots the customers are able to access free Wi-Fi for their uses without affecting their monthly mobile data plans. This can go a long way to even assist a customer who has huge data requirements but they can’t be able to meet them with their mobile plans. This is more so because O2 doesn’t have an unlimited data plan for now. You can find more info on O2 customer care services.

Service to the customer – their customer service is known for getting to the bottom of the issue that you have. They do not offer quick solutions but walk with you step after another to ensure that you are okay. The customer care services can be reached by calling the O2 contact number or by using their other available platforms like twitter. The follow up given is very important in ensuring that the customer is fully satisfied and that they are able to enjoy the services that had a problem. It also gives a chance for further questions from the customer and to get a feedback. Currently they have also increased the number of customer care representatives that are available on live chat and social media platforms. The services can also be offered in the different stores that they have all around UK.

The company has also won other awards like the uSwitch award for network coverage in 2016. This goes further to show you that the network is reliable and can manage to provide to you what they promise.